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As the title suggests, Music Legends features a great range of articles featuring new insights into the biggest names in the history of rock music. Sure, the music is powerful, but so too are the tales of the darker underside of fame and fortune; the booze, the fights, artistic differences, the drugs, the splits, the lawsuits, the politics and so much more. With Music Legends there is a whole new digital dimension for you to enjoy, so check out what we offer below.

Music Legends breaks the mould of music magazines with a fantastic suite of companion video podcasts. These free video podcasts complement and expand upon the key articles in the magazine and provide an extra dimension to your experience. We have teamed up with some of the leading music critics, studio personnel, insiders, band members and the artists themselves to produce a hard-hitting and candid series of music documentary films for your enjoyment. Available at or on iTunes.

We also have a dedicated Music Legends YouTube channel that brings you free access to fantastic concert films and exclusive documentaries. In conjunction with Coda Publishing Ltd we are proud to offer exclusive performance footage from the music icons featured in Music Legends Magazine. To access this exclusive content simply visit our channel at and subscribe today.

Discounts on CDs and Vinyl Records – In addition to our free digital content, we have teamed up with the guys at Coda Records Ltd. to bring you fantastic discounts – and we’re sure you’ll love that every edition of Music Legends Magazine also contains an exclusive discount code for 20% off on all Coda CD and vinyl releases. 

Thank you for joining us! We all hope you love what we offer and decide to join us again in future.



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